John Gruber, ripping apart this piece by Joe Nocera:

The iPad was “just a big iPhone” when it was unveiled in 2010; today it’s hailed as Apple’s last great new product. My guess is we’ll see the same reaction to whatever Apple releases this year. It takes years for even the most amazing of new products — the iPhone, for example — to prove themselves on the market. It’s a long game.

Even then — come, say, 2017, when Apple is reaping billions in profits from some product first introduced this year — the doomed-without-Jobs crowd could (and I bet will) just argue that the product succeeded only because it had been conceived while Steve Jobs was alive. It’ll never stop.

A fun exercise would be to write Apple critiques years in advance and see just how close they are when the stories hit in the future. I bet they’d be pretty close. It’s like paint-by-numbers for the tech press.

The new Apple [product] shows once and for all that Apple has lost its innovative edge. Consumers will instantly see it is nothing more than a [bigger/smaller] [currently existing product (probably iPhone)], and it lacks support for [bullet point feature found in Samsung product]. Mark your calendars, because [date new product goes on sale] will be the beginning of the decline for Apple.

In short: The NSA is said to have decided that the exploit was better something for it to use as an offensive tool than to affect a defensive posture for the rest [of] tech; its decision meant that in its view, its own intelligence efforts were essentially more important than the security of your information.

NSA Exploited Heartbleed For Years,” TechCrunch (via shortformblog)

I guess it says everything that I’m not surprised at all about this.


Brittany writes up her thoughts on the recently completed Grok 2014 conference. Particularly:

Kristian Andersen, the VC who gave the first keynote, encouraged us to be open and honest, and I felt like everyone really took that to heart. I shared my big pipe dream with one of the groups, something I don’t tell many people about, and found not judgement, but excitement and encouragement. Warm fuzzies abound.

I’ll have my thoughts written up soon. Meanwhile, we’re both counting the days until next year.


The “we only use 4% of our brains” trope is a point against suspension of disbelief (the fact is largely disproven), but I’d watch this. It looks like an original superhero movie (protagonist thrown into situation, gets powers, uses said powers to kick awesome), and I’d honestly like to see more of those.

(Please correct me if I’m wrong and this actually based off a comic book or something.)